Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Sequoias in August, Part Two

After getting our fill of the cave, we walked up the river for a short while. We came to the swimming hole, but there were other people there, so we just waded around for a while. It's almost as much fun as swimming!

Vic really was enjoying himself, despite his glum appearance in this picture. He didn't wade, but perched himself up on this boulder to take in the scenery and breathe the fresh air.

The younger Lambies made all sorts of castles out of the rich, silty mud in the river.

What a man! Thanks, Honey, for taking us to the forest! I sure do like it up there with everyone!

And, oh!, the BBQ dinner really tasted good after all that climbing around! I'm sure glad God turned it into a salad on the way down. ;)

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