Tuesday, August 2, 2011

By The Content of Their Character


This is from this week's Ol' Remus' Woodpile Report. It's a very good thought.

"As Remus told you in Woodpile Report 8, nobody really judges a person solely by the color of their skin, at least nobody he'd wanna know. Martin King was right when he said we should judge people by the content of their character.

So let's do some judging.

We form entirely reasonable opinions by observing ordinary things about other people. For instance, are they considerate, courteous and pleasant or are they obnoxious, confrontational and crude? Do they dress to an acceptable standard, or wear offensive costumes? Are they thought well of, or are they habitual troublemakers?

Are they dependable and honest, or untrustworthy and criminal? Are they reasonably intelligent and inquisitive, or ignorant and incurious but deviously clever? Are they sociable and cooperative, or consumed with self interest? Do they speak intelligibly, or use gang slang? Can they disagree without insults, threats or violence?

Are their kids well behaved, or foul-mouthed junior street thugs? Do they value education, or are schools just their free day care? Are they self-reliant, or does the world owe them a living? Do they take personal responsibility, or is somebody else always to blame? Do they give others the benefit of the doubt, or do they see others as cunning victimizers?

Are they truthful about their personal history, or is it a pastiche of self-serving fantasy? Do they plan for the future, or lunge at short-term payoffs? Do they earn respect, or demand it? Do they believe race is irrelevant, or do they use race to extort preferences?

King had it right, judging people by the content of their character is reasonable and just. We should do more of it."


  1. And, I would add, we need to share the gospel with each and every one we meet, as the Lord commanded in Matt. 28:19: "Go you therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost..."

  2. “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment” John 7:24.

  3. Exactly! Knowing what happens to "trees that don't bear fruit" is a strong motivator to evangelism. Compassion is what drives me.
    It's so easy to assume someone is a Christian and not share the gospel with them just because they profess Christianity, but looking at their fruit, we can see that "many who say to me: Lord, Lord. . ." still need the gospel. Trusting someone's word that they are truly saved leads to laziness in evangelism. (quote from Matthew 7) It's heartbreaking how many opportunities I've missed because I ignored a total lack of fruit and told myself: Well, they say they are a Christian.


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