Sunday, January 22, 2012

Everybody Can Do Something!

Dear little Abbott needs a family!  
Wishing YOU could adopt an orphan but are not in a place to be able to do it?  Just remember: 

"Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something." 

Pray!  Advocate!  Give!

Don't know where to start?  Click any of these links to find a little one that calls to you.
No Greater Joy Mom
Rachel's Orphan Blog
What It Means To Love

Choose a child.  It's essential to pray for them.  The Lord is the Father of the Fatherless (Ps. 68:5), Him who is not willing that ANY should perish (Matthew 18:14) and assures us that pure and undefiled religion is caring for the widows and orphans in their affliction (James 1:27). He loves these children.  He wants to place them in loving families.  Let's pray them home!

Share their pictures on Facebook and your blogs.  Tell your friends about Reece's Rainbow, blogs you enjoy and the happy stories of children who come home.  Donate items to different fundraisers, give-aways and auctions.  There are many who would love to parent these children but have yet to know of the need!  Be the one who speaks up for those who can not defend themselves! (Proverbs 31:8)

Many time money is the only thing standing in the way of a family taking these children home.  The ransom for a child's life is $20-40,000 in many regions.  It seems an unseemly amount, and yet many spend that much on a vehicle.  God owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10).  He has the resources.  He miraculously multiplies the $5 and $10 gifts that we, His hands in this world, can give.  I've seem it time and time again as I watch fundraisers and advocacy sites.  It is amazing.  Be generous with your gifts.  Be consistent with them, too.  Remember the orphans.  In Him, the fatherless find mercy (Hosea 14:4) and we are blessed, too.

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  1. Great post!! I love how you combined the bible verses! ♥

    And thanks for linking to my blog!


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