Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year: Looking Backward and Forward

So, it's January 1st and I am reading everyone's resolutions on Facebook. I don't usually make resolutions, since, like almost everyone else, all I do is fail to complete them. Of course, it is good to look over the past year and see what has been accomplished and where improvement can be made.

Last year I canned a lot of food and stocked the pantry fairly well. Of that, I am proud. We could eat off of our shelves for a while if we couldn't get to the store. This year I need to focus on making more meals-in-a-jar and meat based jars. I need to plan and ask my Honey to build a canning pantry so I have more efficient storage of our canned food.

Last year I tried a three-part Heritage Skill.  I wanted to learn to make socks for my homesteading skill in crochet and knit, as well as learn to spin yarn from animal fiber. In two of those skills, I failed. Knitting is foreign to my fingers and I did not invest the time in learning it well. I did, however, find some patterns for crocheted socks. These are able to be fitted to the foot and are easily made, warm and durable. I made a few pairs for myself early last year and they still don't have holes. I am satisfied that, should trouble come, I could keep the Lambies feet warm. I count this goal as partially met. My friend that was going to teach me to spin was unable to due to health problems.  I have shelved this part of the goal to be met in the future sometime.

I haven't decided on a Heritage Skill for this year.  Any suggestions?

Last year, I was blessed to be a small part of Mike and Jamie's adoption of Zeb (RR name~Wilson). What a blessing! This year, I am committing to praying for one specific boy; Abbott. Isn't he a doll? I so hope to see him on the My Family Found Me page soon!

I am also planning on donating to and purchasing items from Hidden Treasures auctions and other fundraisers for the children with Down Syndrome in eastern Europe. Many hands are needed to enable these children to have homes. Each tiny contribution is multiplied time and time again by our powerful Lord and it is beautiful to see!

Last year, I learned about the Primal way-of-eating.  I am enamored.  I do not think of it in evolutionary terms as is written on most of the 'popular' blogs, but as how Noah and his family would have eaten.  Simply meat, veggies and fruits.  Healthy fats.  No (or very little) grains.  I went gluten free three months ago and hope to get closer to 90-100% "Primal" this year.  I feel much better overall, have eliminated joint pain, though kombucha had a lot to do with that, and sugar comas are a thing of the past.  Wellness Mama is a Christian blogger who eats this way and has excellent articles almost daily.  Wheat Belly is a great book about the changes that wheat has undergone in the past century and why it isn't the staff of life we have been told.  I highly recommend it.

What are your plans and goals for the upcoming year?  Go ahead, inspire me!!

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