Saturday, July 14, 2012

For The Love Of Innocence

Oh, the number of children needing families can be overwhelming.  Browsing page after page of faces at Reece's Rainbow can seem to make the problem so large, but only if we get our eyes off of the Lord where they belong!  He is so much BIGGER than any problem!  Over 500 children have come home in the 6 years that Reece's Rainbow has been working for them.  So far in 2012, there have been 85 homecomings! More are coming home in the next weeks, as many families are traveling this very minute.

Despite all of those happy endings, many children have been passed over month over month, year after year.  Is it because of a poor expression in their picture?  Because they aren't as handsome or cute as others?  Because their needs seem too great?  Perhaps it's because the devil is opposing their adoption for a spiritual reason we don't understand?  Perhaps it's because you haven't seen your child's face yet and they have been waiting for you to choose them?  Please look....really look at these faces this Lord's day.  Choose one to pray for, to advocate for, to help to build their fund financially, or even to bring HOME!  Please.

Abbott, 5 years old and surviving at a mental institution. How he longs to be held and cherished!

Nana, who has spent five years alone.  She needs her mama to come.  She won't do well institutionalized.

Talia, five years old and so smiley!  What joy she will bring her family!  Why has she been listed for years without being chosen?

Tiny Alexandra suffers from Brittle Bone disease and looking at the pictures is not doing well.  Where is her mama? Five years she's spent in a crib; will she have to suffer and die alone?

Tina is in a poorer region and is facing transfer any time.  Can you imagine her shock and confusion as she is taken from all she knows, plunked down in an institution and left. Please pray for this to not happen to her!

Someone has to be looking for six year old Austin. He's in the same region as Abbott; perhaps they could be brothers?  He will never have a chance at a life outside of an institution.  How he will thrive with proper nutrition and love!

Church, RISE UP!  The Lord has commanded us in James to minister to the widows and orphans.  Not all can adopt, but we are free to pray constantly.  Not all can give financially, but the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails MUCH!  Will you pray? Give? Share and advocate for the orphans?  Ask the Lord is He is calling to you to bring one or more of these precious, innocent lambs home?  Have you asked Him?  Please pray!

There are many bloggers posting about the 63 "most passed over" children of Reece's Rainbow.  Here's a sampling of addresses that you can cut and paste to get to other stories of other children.

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