Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's Bring Them Home!

We're a little over a week in to the Over the Wall Giveaway and the Rogers Family is closer than ever to their goal!  They only have about $3,500 to go before they are fully funded!  These are the funds they need for their airfare home with the children, food and lodging while they are in country and passport, medical and other various fees they will incur.
I can't wait to see them home, smiling and holding on to their Mama and Papa.  I imagine Bernie with her hair grown out and held back in pigtails, swinging in the park.  Her brother, Mason will have some chub in his cheeks and be running circles around everyone!

Gone will be the endless days spent wandering the same bare room with nothing to do all day.  Gone, the days of just enough food to get by. Gone, the going to sleep without being tucked and kissed.  Gone...because THEY ARE GOING HOME!

To be a part of their homecoming and have a chance at some great giveaway items, click the link below.  Donate using the widget in the post and leave a comment ON THE POST!   The days are ticking down; make sure to be a part of this miracle homecoming!

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