Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chooks! Pt. 2

The chickens are growing quickly! I thought I'd give you a new snapshot or three of the little darlings. She how many feathers they have now?


They are able to flutter-fly and get on top of the feeder and water bottle, as well as jump to the edge of the container they are in. The kids like when they escape! I keep the lid on unless someone is sitting with them to prevent lost little chickies.

They are such funny little creatures. The children love giving them worms and crickets. They fight over them like nothing you've ever seen!


I am going this afternoon to get a couple more chicks. A feed store in another town just got a shipment of assorted breeds. I believe I will choose Ameraucanas. They are the ones that lay blue, green, and sometimes, pink eggs. You can't tell what color they will lay until they begin laying. I hope we get one of the rare-pink-layers.


ETA: I was able to get the new chicks! Here they are:


Aren't they adorable? We added them to the pen and physically protected them from the pecking for a while, before my Honey decided to separate them altogether. I really, really didn't want to wake up tomorrow to pecked babies.


We are hopefully finishing the coop this weekend so the older ones won't be in the house too much longer. Soon they will have beautiful, roomy accommodations. We'll likely get another clamp light and give the tiny chicks their own home regardless of the coop progress. In a couple of weeks they will be big enough to stand up for themselves.

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  1. cute!
    We went to the feed store yesterday to pine over the chickies and ducklings. Wish we could bring some home.


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