Monday, March 22, 2010

Coop Progress

OK, so I have updated pictures, but forgot to take some of the mechinism mentioned in the last post. Sorry!

We worked all afternoon yesterday and made LOTS of progress. The latches were added to all the doors, and the few protruding screw tips were filed off.


The roof was attached, secured and approved by The Master Builder.


The electricity was run in a temporary fashion, feed and water containers were added.


We added the chicks last.

They settled in quickly and began exploring all the room they now have. They will reside in the Boy-built little chicken tractor when the remaining work is done.

ETA: They seemed to sleep fine last night, the temperature was nice and steady when I checked, and they are chipper and happy this morning. The water container slipped on the carabiner and the water spilled into the shavings. They are changed and dry now, and the water is on the floor. My Honey will add a bit of a dimple into the handle this afternoon to hold the water more securely.

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