Friday, March 26, 2010

Coop Progress

We've done lots of work the last couple of nights, and I have failed to daily blog it. Therefore, you get a summary post. My Honey made roosts inside the coop.


I "caught" a couple of the chicks on it the next morning.

I spent most of yesterday painting. First the white primer:


Then the main color.


I had lots of help!

When my Honey came home from work, he got to work. He began hanging the hardware cloth.


He finished that job in one working session! We were able to let the chicks out the next day. They loved it!

Today some of the children spent some quality time with the chickies.



My Honey installed three roosts in the run this afternoon, but I didn't take any pictures of them. Last thing to build and install are the dropping boards.

Didn't he do a wonderful job??


  1. I tell ya, I'm SUPER impressed! Such a lucky woman to have a handy man at home!! Hope the chickens enjoy their new home!

  2. This is WONDERFUL!!! I am going to show my DH, for Rabbit Hutch ideas!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I love the kids in the coop! too sweet!


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