Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Best and the Worst: Thanksgiving Edition

I'm joining with Renee at The Baker's Dozen with a Best and Worst.

The Best News of the week? Katie is home and doing well.
The Worst? There are so many others waiting. Pray, browse their stories on Reece's Rainbow and advocate for someone!

The Best Thing about driving two cars to Grandpa and Grandma's house? All my Littles slept much of the way and I got to listen to my audiobook.
The Worst? Not getting to sit next to my husband as he drove.

The Best Thing about eating gluten-free for Thanksgiving? No sugar coma or bloating after feasting.
The Worst? Not having stuffing. We visit with family and I couldn't make and bring too much. I will make this stuffing recipe for a side dish at home soon.

The Best Part of the beginning of the Christmas shopping season? We are already finished shopping! No Black Friday fighting for us.
The Worst? Waiting until Christmas morning to see the children's faces when they see their gifts.

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  1. I went gluten free this thanksgiving. I read The Bakers Blog and saw the link to yours. I really missed out on the stuffing but I was shocked when everyone else was have bloated stomachs and feeling "stuffed" when I was about ready for another gluten free meal. LOL, good luck to you and god bless


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