Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Most Recent Project

What's been keeping us busy lately?

My Honey has been busy updating our computer lab. The Lambies have had one computer to share for schoolwork and fun. However, Dad and Mom just got new computers, so they got the 'hand-me-downs". Three computers would not fit on the desk, though, so Poppa went to work.

He wasn't working all alone, though. He got all the help he wanted (and maybe more at times).

Now there are three computers for them to work and play on! See the laptop hiding on the far side of the shelf? It lives on the pull-out keyboard shelf.

I love that My Honey can just build whatever we need when we need it. He is SO talented! Thank you, Lord, for giving him to me!

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  1. That is really wonderful! Good job "My Honey" :-) Not sure what to call him on the computer...


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