Monday, November 28, 2011

The Passed Over Babes

My friend Julia has blogged touchingly once again about darling little children who need a home. The Passed Over Ones...the ones who are STILL longing for a family, yet are languishing at an orphanage or even in a mental institution instead.

These who aren't as little, aren't as happy in their picture, aren't as lovely, according to the world's standards. The ones who have been on Reece's Rainbow for years. Years. Think about that. Think about them being passed over time and time again as others are chosen. Oh, how He loves them!

Julia and her friend Debby have put together a giveaway to benefit these children. Go over to her blog to see all of them....Donate just $5 to two children to enter. You can make a difference this "Cyber Monday". Rather than buying a passing fancy, make a difference for eternity!

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