Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mulligan Stew Update

What a ride it has been!  The Mulligan Stew giveaway has reached the half-way point and over $16,000 has been raised by over 250 different contributors!  The Lord is certainly multiplying our mites and proving Himself mighty once again!


Have you ever thought about the day to day life that one of these orphans experience in the worst of the orphanages?  From the different blogs I have read, the children get fed just a couple of times a day.  The "food" is a sludgy, soupy concoction that is forced down their throats as fast as possible, even if it is too hot to be comfortably eaten.  Those unable to eat from a spoon get a propped, heavy glass beer bottle with a nipple filled with the 'food'.  It has a large hole cut in it so the soup comes through very fast.  If they can't handle the flow, then they are drenched and left hungry.


Their diapers are changed but twice a day at the most, so their bottoms are covered in sores and rash.  Sometimes their clothes are changed, sometimes not.  Sometimes they are not dressed at all, but left to lie naked.

Other than these interactions, they are left alone.  They rock and moan, they bite their hands, they bang their heads against the crib bars.  They flutter their hands in front of their eyes for entertainment and comfort.  They do not cry.  They have learned long ago that crying does nothing.  Many, many have been found to suffer from broken bones.  Bones broken by 'caregivers' and then left unattended.

How terribly sad.

And yet, there is hope!  There are many families desperately trying to bring children out of these horrid places!  All that is standing between them and their children is money and paperwork.  We can't come alongside of them and help with the paperwork and bureaucracy, but we can, most importantly, blanket them in prayer and help with the money side of things!  Even five dollars helps.  It assists in the costs, but also bolsters the families, knowing that others are aware and supportive of their efforts.


The Mulligan Stew giveaway is an awesome chance to help out AND possibly win big!  Click here to see the prizes that are up for grabs.  Give and give as many times as you can before the end of the month. Come alongside and bless these families and help these lovely children!

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