Monday, March 26, 2012

A Challenge!

What a way to wake up!  Someone has not forgotten The Lost Boys.  They have challenged The Mulligan Stew Crew!  They will donated $500 to The Lost Boys...$500!!  

But first, each child who still lacks a family must have a $1000 boost to their accounts.  That's a little over $2000 with two days to raise it.  Can you help? 

This money is the key to finding the children a home.  People fret over the high cost of adoption; who wouldn't?  Few have an extra $25,000 sitting in their account, ready to go when the Lord calls for them to add a child to their family.  However, a large grant account may make a difference. Not every person is called to adopt, but we are all called to help the widow and the orphan.  Your little donation makes a huge difference!  These are the children and what they have in their accounts from the Mulligan Stew giveaway:
Harmony - $514.00
Laurel -  $849.80 - UPDATE - She's over the wall!!
 Igor -$879.00
Emmitt -  $813.50
Heath - $504.64 - UPDATE - He's over the wall!!
 Hanson - $625.50
 Jack - $743.50
Victoria - $1740.45 - She's over the wall!!

Happily, Victoria, Laurel and Heath have made it over the $1,000 hurdle.  Igor and Emmitt are within a hair's breadth of making it!   Jack is next, followed by Hanson and Harmony.  Let's get Igor over the wall next!  

We have until Tuesday, but let's not wait.  Let's meet this challenge in RECORD TIME!  Share this post, blog about it yourself, yell on Facebook and Twitter, share ANY way you can!  These children do not have to be lost.  They still have time.  Let's not forget them.

Blessings to you and yours.

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