Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Mulligan Stew Ingredient

I finally finished the afghan I am making for The Mulligan Stew giveaway over at Julia's blog.  Here's the pic:
There are 89 other great prizes, including a 3rd Gen iPad, Kindle Fires, lots of gift cards, other handicrafts and more!  This effort has truly been blessed by the Lord as our mites and pennies continue to be added to the children's funds.  One featured child has been chosen, and she was about to age-out and become un-adoptable!

Have you looked - really looked- at the faces of the children? Is there someone there calling your name?  Pray for them!  Advocate!  Share The Stew's link and the child's picture and story!  If they haven't a family yet, maybe someone that sees them on your blog or Facebook wall will be their Daddy or Mommy!  Every little addition to The Stew helps.

Also, please don't forget dear little Abbott.  He is so ready for a family!  He's lost the bit of stimulation he had in the baby house and been transferred to a mental institution.  There has been no news of him since and there probably won't be until a serious inquiry about him made or someone else adopts from that institution and makes an effort to find him.  Please pray for him and consider him if YOU are called to adopt!


  1. That is GORGEOUS!!! You are very talented. :) Thank you for all your hard work for orphans!

  2. It's such a BEAUTIFUL afghan! That's a LOT of work!! Are they 6" squares?

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Yes, they are six inch squares. I liked that it was so easy to just do a row or two as time allowed. I am going to being another scrap afghan as soon as I get the upcoming Hidden Treasures items and a "super-secret" project I am working on finished.


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