Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mulligan Stew Challenge: Redeux

A new challenge has been poised today, nearing the end of the giveaway.  If each of the families get over the $2000 wall by the end of the night of March 31st, $500 will be donated to Laurel and Harmony's grant funds.  A $1000 donation hangs on this!  Please, do all you can to get the word out.  Share, Facebook, Twitter, call your friends, whatever you can think of!  Let's get these funds raised and help find the girls a home.  They are both so close to aging out.

You can see a picture of Harmony here and read an incredible story of personal sacrifice and love.  The Heim Family is one amazing example of Christ's love for others!

As of 10:00 PM PDT, these are the totals.  I will update them as I can.

The Unroe family -  NEED $822.23
 The Carpenter family - NEED $671.00
The Burman family -  OVER THE WALL!
The Menges family  -  NEED $350.00
 The Duncan family - OVER THE WALL!!
The Booth family - OVER THE WALL!!
The Brown family -  NEED $116.00
The Archer family - OVER THE WALL!!

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