Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Challenge-Updated-Challenge MET!

Hooray-Hooray-Hooray!  We're almost there!WE MADE IT!!

Four of the children have passed over the $1000 wall!  Thanks to you and others' generous donations, Heath, Laurel, Victoria and Igor have all gained at least $1000 in their grant accounts!

Today we need only $595.84 to bring the rest of the children to $1000 and earn the $500 donation to The Lost Boys.  Please pray we meet it and for families for all of the children.  I'd love to come write a "My Family Found Me" post for each and every featured child (AND ABBOTT!)  This is nothing to our great and loving God!

Needs updated as of 3:00 PM PDT:
Harmony $192.36 -  UPDATE - Harmony is over $1000!!
Emmitt $91.48 -  UPDATE - Emmitt is over $1000!!
Hanson $185.00 -  UPDATE - Hanson is over $1000!!
Jack $117.00 - UPDATE - Jack is over $1000!!

I've seen her picture and, please, take my word for it, she is beautiful!  Pray for her family to find her soon.  She must be chosen in the next couple of months or she will forever be locked in a mental institution.  She's in a good place now, going to school, doing well in all her work and self-care, etc.  She NEEDS to be found!  Please go read her description and pray, pray, pray for her!

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